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grow through what you go through


t h e r a p y.

ther·a·py | ˈTHerəpē/ | noun

treatment intended to relieve or heal.

Whether you are here for relief or healing, by starting therapy you're courageously taking responsibility for yourself and your over all well-being. Together we navigate through your thoughts, your emotions, and build a stronger sense of self & emotional awareness. You may need support during a transitional or trying time. You may be seeking relief in finding new ways to de-stress. Speaking and processing our thoughts bring healing and relief.   Together we find new ways for you to move through the world to support what you value, what your needs are and who you want to be. Therapy helps you get to a place where you honor and support yourself. I am honored to support you and be a resource for you through this season of your life.

As a strength-oriented, solution-focused therapist, I am committed to creating a space for openness and acceptance while providing exceptional care to every client. I specialize in working with women and I am passionate about empowering women to express themselves and heal through their own creative process. Every individual’s experiences and life stories are special and unique, therefore, in my practice each individual receives a unique and tailored approach for their specific needs. In sessions, I approach your needs through a holistic framework, taking mind, body, and spirit into account as we approach your goals together. I incorporate several modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy and mindfulness-based interventions. 

Shayda Nematollahi

You have everything that you need within yourself. Give yourself permission to live the life you've always wanted. Step into who are meant to be, let go of what is holding you back. This is the beginning of the most important relationship you will ever have, the relationship with yourself.

- Shayda Nematollahi, M.S., LAPC, NCC, CHt

You can find inner peace and fulfillment by learning to listen deeply to yourself.

You don’t have to face your struggles alone.

Due to the everyday trials and tribulations that exist in our society, and my desire to help my community, I have developed a methodology to help individuals address, understand, and overcome challenges in their daily lives.

Individuality is defined as: the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind.

As a result of this beautiful characteristic of being human, the therapeutic approach to addressing issues for each individual needs to be tailored and dynamic. 

My no-nonsense approach to psychotherapy integrates WELLNESS coaching and assessment to help you: 

  • Welcome new opportunities in your life.
  • Experience life without anxiety or stress.
  • Love yourself unconditionally.
  • Learn new self-care strategies.
  • Not feel sadness or regret about the past.
  • Establish genuine connections and relationships.
  • Say "NO" to draining people and experiences.
  • Say "YES!" to opportunities for happiness in your life!

Does this describe you?

  • Are you a person who wants to live a more authentic life, but are struggling with issues that keep you stuck or repeating old patterns?
  • Do you feel sadness, grief, anger, or worry?
  • Do you experience feeling trapped, uneasy, or have difficulty making decisions?
  • Are your relationships troubled or unsatisfying?
  • Are you interested in learning more about your self and strengthen your self-awareness, but do not know where to start?

Would you like to feel…

  • Aligned with who you truly are, experiencing more joy, relatedness, and flow?
  • Comfortable in your body, more open to new ways of improving your well being?
  • More connected to the people in your life, and have relationships that thrive over time?
  • More successful in your professional and personal life as you continue to listen to yourself and act from your authentic center?
  • Confident and happy by being true to yourself?

Therapy can help you heal emotional wounds and realize your potential. Learn more about the therapy services I provide through the services page.


Contact Shayda

I believe therapy can help women and girls at any age and from all walks of life.  I pride myself on the ability to connect with people and engage those who may feel doubtful or uncertain about therapy.  Check out the Q&A page for more detailed answers to some questions you may have! 

Please feel free to contact me through the portal below with your questions or to schedule your first therapy session. 

I am part of an amazing team of clinicians at HealATL Counseling & Wellness and under the direction of Brittany Hewitt, MA, NCC, LPC and the clinical supervision of Annie Kelahan, LPC, ATR, CPCS.


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