I believe the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process in which the therapist and client work together to bring about positive change and growth. Together we will identify your personal inner resources of strength, creativity, insight, and healing. I'm dedicated to creating a safe enviornment for you to expand your awareness and navigate the ebbs & flows of your life. Therapy allows you to rewire your brain to create positive changes in your life, gain tools to create healthy relationship with your inner dialogue & with your body. You already have everything you need within to be whole, healthy and happy. As a therapist I serve as your guide, helping you discover the unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors that maintain suffering. Our work together will allow you to cultivate compassion for yourself and others in your life. During our time together we will focus on your goals for therapy and explore self-care practices & rituals that you can use to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. I use a combination of techniques and theories in my practice, tailoring the experience for the needs of each individual. Continue reading below to learn more about my areas of expertise and offerings.



Mind Body Integration

Self-Esteem & Self-Image



Life Transitions

Emotional Blockages

Dissolving Limiting Beliefs & Emotional Patterns

Generational Narratives

Grief & Loss

College & Young Adult Issues

Relationship Issues

Personal Development

Stress Management



Holistic ThERAPY

Holistic psychotherapy, refers to a school of thought in therapy that attempts to address an individual as a whole person. Holistic therapy attempts to address the individual in terms of their mind, spirit, and body. Embracing a holistic view of human psychology allows us to take a look at how all areas of your life are connected. The goal of a holistic approach is to balance all the different aspects of the person, so the entire person is addressed in treatment and not just one aspect of the person. Holistic therapy is not just about analyzing the emotional state or changing thoughts and behaviors. It’s about all the ways in which people interact with their world and their overall sense of being. Holistic therapy attempts to have the individual gain awareness of these connections between the mind, body, and spirit using a number of different techniques. The goal is to help individuals to develop a much deeper understanding of themselves at all levels, which can often lead to improved self-esteem and emotional intelligence. Clients are guided toward self-awareness and then encouraged to lead their own journey through self-discovery and healing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on identifying and re-framing beliefs and thoughts that lead to negative emotions and behaviors. CBT treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. CBT focuses on solutions, encouraging patients to challenge distorted cognitions and change destructive patterns of behavior. CBT rests on the idea that thoughts and perceptions influence behavior. Feeling distressed, in some cases, may distort one’s perception of reality. CBT aims to identify unhealthy thoughts, assess whether they are an accurate depiction of reality, and if they are not, employ strategies to challenge and overcome them. CBT is appropriate for people of all ages. Evidence has mounted that CBT can benefit numerous conditions, such as major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, and many others.

MINdfulness based interventions

Mindfulness is the non-judgmental awareness of what is happening in the present.  Most of us are operating on automatic pilot, rushing through our days stuck in behavioral patterns motivated by unconscious, self-limiting thoughts. Mindfulness allows us to reclaim and experience the fullness of our lives in the present. Mindfulness techniques include the practice of movement, compassion training, meditation, and breathing exercises.


Hypnotherapy is an intervention that is used to create positive change in thoughts & actions at a subconscious level. Hypnosis allows us to enter the theta brainwave state which occurs during sleep but also during deep relaxation. Theta is the gateway to learning, memory, intuition & the subconscious! Hypnotherapy has been around for centuries, now there’s decades of research highlighting the benefits. Hypnotherapy is a process, which creates a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This non-ordinary state of consciousness, which is a different state from normal waking consciouness, allows a client to respond to suggestions with higher than normal receptivity. The word hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hypnos” which simply means, “sleep.” The therapy itself uses guided relaxation techniques that invoke feelings of intense relaxation, concentration, and/or focus to achieve a heightened state of awareness or trance-like state. Hypnosis is interactive and involes verbal and non-verbal communications between client and hypnotherapist. Most therapeutic work is greatly enhanced while clients are in a hypnotic state because they are able to access information, healing, creativity, and insight that is not normally available when in the waking conscious state. These hypnotic state also become vehicles through which we can re-create our realities. Hypnotherapy is used to help clients relax, send positive messages of love & healing to their bodies, to increase self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence, positive habits, to decrease anxiety, worry, bad habits, negative thinking, fear based thinking, & much more! 

Therapy for Students & Young Professionals

Whether you are a sophomore in college, in between goals, or a young professional at the beginning of your career, I am here to help you navigate the challenges you may be facing and work together on your personal goals. I want you to strive!

From the outside you seem to have it all together. Inside you may be feeling down, trapped, lost, and lonely despite not being alone. After achieving some life goals you’re left wondering: now what? Maybe you successfully made it through school and into your early career, but it’s not what you were hoping for. Maybe you’re torn between wanting a relationship and wanting to remain fiercely independent, or you want a partner but the idea of dating is terrifying. Perhaps you’re in a relationship but you still feel lonely. Something’s missing, but you’re not sure what.  You may be struggling with self confidence or self image?

I help young female professionals in their 20’s and 30’s navigate these dilemmas. In our sessions, we will dig into what makes you tick, what you value, your strengths, what you hope and long for, what you’ve been afraid to reach for and what you’ve been settling for instead. I use different approaches, always remaining solution focused. You will leave sessions feeling supported and have tangible take-aways to implement in your daily life.

I am here to assist you with problems concerning college, work and life: Academia-related Stress, Academic Probation Issues, Academic-related Emotional Supportive Coaching, Adjusting to a new town or work environment, Anger & Aggression, Anxiety, Body Image Problems, Bullying, Career Development, College Drop Out – Wanting to Return?, Dating Issues, Depression, Difficulties with Co-Workers and Business Associates, Difficulties With Public Speaking and Presentations, Graduate Student Stress, Insomnia, Issues with concentration and Adult ADHD, Low Confidence or Low Self-Esteem, Low motivation and Low Energy, Managing A Healthy Work-Life Balance, Perfectionism, Setting and Maintaining Boundaries, Strengthening Organizational Skills, and much more.

Online Therapy

At Heal ATL Counseling & Wellness I offer online therapy sessions in addition to in person therapy sessions. Online therapy sessions are facilitated through on a secure HIPPA compliant online portal used for tele-mental health communications.