20 Powerful Mantras to Cultivate Self-Love

Life can get busy, deadlines creep up, celebrations arise, unexpected events happen and sometimes it seems as though time keeps flying by. It's easy to feel like you are scrounging around for as many spare seconds as you can grasp.  Let's slow down. When we begin to feel overwhelmed, it's important to know how to slow down, ease our anxiety, and bring ourselves up.... positive mantras can really boost our wellbeing!

As a Therapist/Counselor, I encourage clients to focus on positive self-talk. A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase repeated to aid in your concentration while meditating, while starting your day or while your experiencing anxiety or stress, in those moments when you intentionally slow down...  The Sanskrit word 'mantra' can be broken down into two parts: “man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport or vehicle.  In other words, a mantra is an instrument of the mind—a powerful sound or vibration, a statement or slogan repeated frequently. You can use a mantra to enter a deep state of meditation or use one as a positive reminder through your day. A mantra can be as simple as the word 'love,' something you are thankful for, or a ancient Sanskrit phrase such as 'om shanti, shanti, shanti' which represents 'all encompassing peace'. Motivational and encouraging words can make someone feel like a superstar, out to conquer the world. Negative thoughts can really hurt one's self-esteem and ability to recover and be productive during the day.  Choosing to shift your energy into a positive direction gives you the power to change your life. Each day we make a choice, we choose our attitudes, we decide how we want to feel. So why not start each day with a positive thought, with a loving thought, one that cultivate self love? To get you out of that funk, or to get motivated, it's a great idea to use positive mantras to remember what is important to you, what you want to feel and what you may want to let go.

Here are 20, powerful feel good mantras to give you energy and confidence during the day. Let's cultivate some SELF LOVE!

  1. I am worthy of love. As a creature on this earth, I am worthy of being loved and cherished by others. My worth is untarnished by my imperfections or the way others see me.

  2. I am worthy of good things. It is ok to want the best for myself and to pursue the things that bring me joy and happiness.

  3. I am at peace.In all my actions and words, I speak peace. When I am shaken, I turn to my breath, and remember the calmness, compassion and love that is deep rooted within me.

  4. I let my happiness be visible to others. My happiness overflows from me. I can use my happiness to bring joy to others.

  5. I am strong. I have many strengths that I use to navigate the ups and downs of my life. I am tougher and braver than I look.

  6. I am thankful.I choose the attitude of gratitude.

  7. My life is moving forward perfectly. Each bump in the road is there for a reason. Everything is happening according to a greater plan.

  8. I am confident in my decisions. I am the creator of my own destiny. I stand behind the things I do and say.

  9. I surround myself with loving people. I can choose the people I allow into my life. I choose to surround myself with people who love and adore me.

  10. I love myself. I am a beautiful, unique spirit. There is no one else quite like me.

  11. I have everything I need.I have the power to love, to heal and to grow. I need nothing else.

  12. I choose to be happy.I do not wait for happiness to find me. I cultivate happiness and love. I have the power within me to let my happiness shine.

  13. I can choose positive thoughts. I understand the power of my self-talk and choose to select thoughts that are uplifting and positive.

  14. I accept abundant love, happiness and positive energy into my life.I am a channel that gives and receives goodness.

  15. I am the entire ocean in one drop.I am not just part of the universe, I am the universe. My existence matters and I am worthy of love.

  16. I am becoming. I am becoming the person I want to be. Each day, I work to make myself more the person I want to be.

  17. I free myself from my own judgement.I am my own best friend, I speak highly of myself, I release my judgements toward myself.

  18. I am worth it all.I work hard, I deserve the best, and I honor myself.

  19. I am one of a kind.There is only one of me for all time. I am fearless, I am in tune with my higher self.

  20. I am beautiful just the way I am.From my head to my toes, each inch of me was created with love. I am love.

Scream them, whisper them, write them down, post them on Instagram, tweet it, or recite silently in your head. Whatever works best for you.

I suggest re-reading your mantra several times through out the day. Perhaps even save it as an alarm/reminder that pops up on your phone throughout your day! Pick one self-loving mantra at a time and try to incorporate it into your internal dialogue. Of course, if you don’t feel like that one you picked is providing you any benefits, feel free to switch it up. You will find that some mantras are more fitting to your needs and personality, as your internal dialogue is unique to you. If you find something that works for you, it should only be a matter of days before you start feeling more self love being cultivated inside your heart and more confidence as well.  Of course sometimes it takes more than just adding positive words into your daily life to feel better. If you feel that you are constantly struggling with negative self-talk and low esteem, seeking help from a professionalcould help.  If you're interested in working with me in therapy check out my website -> therapywithshayda.com

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