Renew with Spring Rituals

The spring equinox officially began at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday. It marks the exact moment when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, an imaginary line in the sky above the Earth's equator. It's the moment when the Earth is neither leaning toward or away from the sun, causing an equal amount of daylight and darkness across the globe.

Although here in Atlanta we are experiencing chilly weather in the high 30s, it’s Spring! The beginning of spring can ignite a desire for renewal and new beginnings. Just like nature, your own spirit is also likely waking up right about now.  The dark months are over! This time of year is often one of excitement and new ideas to examine and harvest. Embrace this time of new beginnings and invite some of its fresh & expansive energy into your life! Consider greeting spring with some rituals to welcome change, growth, revitalization, and renewal for yourself. Rituals—those symbolic behaviors you perform before, during, and after a meaningful event—can help mark the beginning of a fresh start or new direction. Below I am sharing some Spring Rituals to help you renewand welcome this new season in your life!

Spring Rituals 
• REFLECT: Today, the Earth is in perfect balance, it’s a perfect time to examine the balance of your own life. In a relaxing area of your home or office, reflect on questions like these - Where do I feel balanced in my life? Where do I feel out of balance? What can I do to return balance to that part of my life? Consider starting a habit of reflection, invest in a new journal. Collect your thoughts, use it to process your ideas and create intentions.
• WALK: Go outside, walk and look for signs of spring. If you have a loved one, friend(s) or kids in your life that you want to celebrate with, this is a great activity to do together! As you walk outside in the fresh spring air, BREATHE, collect signs of the season—take in the beauty of the little buds and small flowers you find along the way. Enjoy them and be reminded of spring's bright, beautiful energy. Make sure if you pick flowers or buds, do it in a way that's respectful to nature, and don't take flowers growing on a single stem, like daffodils or tulips. Stick to loose items, and be sure to say a simple thank you to Mother Earth for sharing her bounty with us!
• CLEAN: Organize your space, declutter and get rid of the things that no longer serve you! Donate them to a shelter, school, or needy family. This is a great way to create space for new life to emerge and reinforce the idea that giving is a blessing. You’ll feel lighter, and so will the energy in your home. Purify your space even further by burning sage or palo santo, or opening all the windows to let in the fresh air.
• LET GO: It’s time to let go of negativity. Our thoughts affect our emotions, which then influence our behaviors & choices we make. Think about how you feel when you walk into a room where everyone is happy and positive, and then consider how you feel when you're surrounded by complaints and negativity. Emotions are contagious. Decide whose opinions you want to listen to and what you need to let go of in order to feel lighter. Write down the things you want to let go of, with safety in mind, burn the paper over a candle or with a lighter, visualize the things you wrote down, floating out of your mind & space.
• REFOCUS:Revisit your intentions for 2018. As the year progresses and new opportunities and challenges come your way, priorities and goals shift. Keep an eye on them. Help yourself refocus by asking - What might you want to postpone or de-prioritize? What might you want to add or strengthen? Utilize a journal or make mental notes. It’s great to check in on these things every three months or so, rather than looking up in December and scratching your head, wondering where the year went. Always check in with yourself with compassion; check in with wonder. Keep an air of mystery and excitement around your greatest possibilities, goals, and dreams. As you refocus, let go of self-limiting beliefs. It’s a season, a new day, YOU got this!